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Our Specialties



A consumer-centric storytelling engine unleashing creativity. We combine traditional advertising thinkers and modern internet-centric storytellers to create powerful creatives that work, born from consumer reactions rather than opinions. From a single tweet to a Super Bowl commercial, we believe effective stories start with the consumer.



We relentlessly drive results by understanding where consumers spend time and driving them to act. While the industry focuses on reach and efficiency, we upend the model by prioritizing attention, relevance and real results.



We pioneer strategies and creative that are relevant to and respectful of individual consumers. We emphasize a listening-based approach that speaks specifically to people based on who they are. Brands cannot drive relevance and growth with a generic, mass-market message. Effectiveness comes from understanding diverse audiences and addressing them directly.



Through an intensive deep dive into current consumer attention patterns and emerging cultural forces, we equip teams with in-depth comprehension of modern relevance. By collaborating with seasoned strategists, creators and media experts attuned to progressive consumers, we unlock modern solutions to our clients' greatest business obstacles. Clients leave with an abundance of actionable ideas ready for implementation and a strategic roadmap to long-term relevance across diverse consumer spectra.



Empowering influential artists to reach their full potential. Supporting entertainers & entrepreneurs to grow through guidance and community. Together, rising higher in the creative world. 🚀 #TalentAgency



Extratica is 🚀 The home for digital creators ready to bring their shows from 📱 to 📺! @extraticaStudios we partner with digitally native artists to develop binge-worthy content for streamers & networks. We're the one-stop shop for online talent taking it to primetime! 🎥💫 #digitalfirst #contentcreation



Extratica empowers early stage VC backing future-facing tech. We partner with leading internet influencers to fund founders in the creator economy, community-driven brands, and beyond. Our specialty? Growth hacking the next generation of consumers. 📈



We snap up major stakes in radical consumer companies and team up with cutting-edge artists to hijack growth. Partners in primetime brands + incubating the sounds of tomorrow building partneships with future artist to drive and create growth